SavingCAST is a software specially developed for foundries, designed for optimal selection of loads for any type of league. Automatic calculation of casting with cost optimization using the relevant information of the raw material in stock, always within the constraints imposed by the user.

SavingCAST is used for determination of the optimum structure of metal charge components for melting foundry alloys, including multi-component, cast irons, steels, aluminum, copper and other alloys of the set chemical composition. The software also takes into account waste or increase of elements in the process of fusion. The build-in optimizer can help find the best balance of the cost and chemical composition accuracy to save material cost.

Functional features:

  • Working with the unlimited list of charge components
  • Charge calculation for any multi-component alloys
  • Calculation of the charge optimum structure at minimum cost
  • Charge calculation on the basis of an average chemical composition of an alloy, within the limitations set by standards
  • User defined databases of alloys and charge components
  • High speed of computing processing
  • Flexible result analysis tools
  • Calculation result report transfer to MS Excel and PDF format

Advantages of the program

  • Efficiency and speed of calculation within the process of production and under constantly changing assortment of charge materials and alloying additives
  • Graphics plot for the optimization result
  • With mechanical properties module, to analyze the influence of factors to final mechanical properties
  • Multilanguage interface of the software
  • Flexible business plan for the software license

For detail, please download SavingCAST brochure from here.