C3P Software Unveils Next-Generation Peening Forming Design & Simulation Software

【Beijing – 13th June, 2024】– C3P Software, a global pioneer in CAX and PLM solutions for advanced manufacturing, has officially launched its next-generation peening forming design & simulation software, AI-FORM Peening Forming. This revolutionary software is a culmination of the collaborative efforts between C3P Software and Beihang University, emphasizing intensive research and advancements in precision peening forming technology for large-scale integral panels.

Peening forming technology, a crucial process in modern manufacturing, finds extensive applications across the aerospace, automotive, and other industries. However, when it pertains to the forming of large-scale integral panels with intricate geometric dimensions and complex variable curvature surfaces, the trajectory design and parameter selection of peening forming become paramount. This intricate process demands not only vast experience and expertise but also a thorough consideration of factors like manufacturing processes, material properties, thickness distribution, and local curvature of the components. Traditional methods often struggle to handle intricate three-dimensional curvature challenges.

To address these challenges, AI-FORM peening forming software has been strategically designed and developed. This software seamlessly integrates design and analysis, enabling analysis during the design phase and instant feedback of results into the design workflow. It boasts real-time curvature and thickness inspection tools, intelligently combining them to introduce the concept of peening intensity selection, which is then directly applied to the peening source intensity used in numerical simulations. This innovative feature grants users an intuitive understanding of the material's deformation during the peening process, significantly enhancing the development of peening paths.

In trajectory design, the AI-FORM peening forming software introduces a robust big data model, harnessing neural networks to process vast amounts of data and provide invaluable guidance and assistance for novel trajectory designs.

Regarding numerical simulation, AI-FORM peening forming software excels in its capabilities. It offers an explicit finite element solver for intricate local dynamic large deformation problems, while also integrating an implicit solver to tackle large-scale global peening deformation challenges. By skillfully integrating local peening models with global deformation models, the software achieves remarkable gains in computational efficiency. For parts typically ranging from 2 to 3 meters, the calculation time is reduced to just 1 to 2 hours. Even for larger components like entire wings, the software delivers satisfactory results within a single working day.

Furthermore, AI-FORM peening forming software incorporates pre-stress and springback analysis features. Pre-stress analysis takes into account various complex loading scenarios, while the springback analysis functionality predicts the material rebound after peening, providing crucial insights for subsequent process adjustments. The software's parallel computing capabilities enable it to leverage multi-core processors or distributed computing resources to further accelerate calculations.

David Keck, Global Marketing Director of C3P Software, commented, "The introduction of AI-FORM peening forming software signifies a significant milestone in the advancement of peening forming technology. We remain committed to maintaining close collaboration with our partners, including Beihang University in China, to jointly promote technological innovation and progress in manufacturing. Through the implementation and promotion of AI-FORM peening forming software, we aspire to contribute significantly to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry."

About C3P Software

C3P Engineering Software International has been founded in 2006 and providing the professional design & analysis solution for the manufacturing industry. Our main products are "Cast-Designer", "Cast-Designer Weld", "Geo-Designer", "AI-FORM" and "SavingCAST", which were already captured the Global market. We have sold our products in more than 28 countries and those countries have our distributors. We are not famous by our Company name but by our products. The Software specially focuses on the virtual manufacturing field to provide end-to-end solution for metal casting, sheet metal forming, weld and assembly. Our solution built in the Design for Manufacturing, Design Capability, Advance Front Simulation, the last CAE technology, Automatic Optimization and Final Performance Validation to a whole package; to consider the Multi-Physics, Multi-Scale and Real Material. As a pioneer of numerical simulation solution provider, C3P Software provides the industry and the manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service, and application software integration.

For further information, please visit: c3p-group.com, cast-designer.com and ai-form.com.

About Beihang University

Beihang University (BUAA, formerly known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) is a leading University in China. It is a comprehensive research university covering engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The first Chinese aeronautics and astronautics university. As part of China’s Project 211 and Project 985, which aim to improve the standards of the top 100 and 40 Chinese universities respectively, it has a heavy focus on high level technological and scientific research. As the first university in China to focus on aeronautical and astronautical education and research, it has long been dedicated to contributing new knowledge to the field, to further China’s aerospace ambitions.